Unique ways to achieve your fundraising goals
Creativity can benefit your organisation, your sponsors and provide long term benefits for Seekers participating in the Quest.
  • Promote health and wellness
    Tasks might include participation in physical activity or practicing mindfulness and sharing these experiences. Make sure to be mindful of your target audience when setting these types of tasks.
    *Physical *Mental *Spirtual *Family
  • Create awareness through education
    With the ability to set your own number of tasks to complete your Quest, you have the opportunity to set tasks that enable Seekers to learn about subjects along the way.
    *Culture *Spirituality *Inclusivity
  • Reciprocal benefits for sponsors
    Be creative with tasks that require Seekers to promote, engage with or visit a sponsors location to promote their involvement or support of your organisation. These tasks add value and appreciation for sponsor support.
    *Branding *Products *Services *Philanthropy
  • Mutiple Benefits
    Amplify the impact of your Quest by encouraging Seekers to share images of attending events or purchasing merchandise for additional fundraisers.
    *Events *Merchandise *Activities
  • In your own time
    Set the date to commence your Quest and choose a timeframe that suits your goals before setting the date for your prizegiving.
    *Occasion *Outcomes *Objectives
Challenge Types
Ask questions enabling Seekers to post short responses or long answers depending on your question?
Challenge the Seekers to share images of things that test knowledge, encourage participation, create or awareness or show support for your objectives.
Try out a question that requires a description of the image provided or asks for a text response in addition to the image.
No ordinary fundraiser...