Quest Seeker

No Ordinary Fundraiser

An engaging way to receive donations

Every Quest is different and we all love a good challenge, scavenger hunt or treasure hunt and our kids love them too! Quest Seeker was developed for family fun and community engagement while raising funds for all types of non-profit organisations. Quests are the focus and each one is different giving Seekers the ability to choose from a variety of Quests to participate in.

The great thing about Quest Seeker is the ability to reach out to your supporters as well as local, regional and national communities.
We have 2 types of members:

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Quest Masters

Quest Masters create Quests to raise funds through pre-determined entry fees. Registration and verification of the organisation's bank account is required prior to creating a Quest.

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Quest Seekers browse Quests and support favourite organisations by paying an entry fee to take part in regional Quests for family fun and entertainment.

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